Offshore Wind Energy

Gamesa to expand a wind farm in Jordan

Gamesa delivers wind turbines in 55 countries worldwide. (Photo: Gamesa)

Gamesa has announced a new order from Elecnor for the expansion of the Maan wind farm in Jordan. The contract includes the addition of seven new G97-2.0 MW wind turbines with a total power of 14 MW.


Vertical transport record

The 420-tonne nacelle is lifted off of the ship and onto land. Together, the components weighed more than 700 tonnes. This is a record for a wind turbine. (Photo: Mammoet Wind A/S)

If horizontal does not work, then do it vertically: Since the lower tower segment of a wind turbine in Denmark could not be transported in a horizontal position, the transport companies needed to come up with something special. They also broke a record while they were at it.


Major energy companies sign offshore wind declaration

Ahead of the Energy Council in Luxembourg on June 6, 2016, 11 energy companies signed a joint declaration stating that offshore wind can be fully competitive with coal and gas by 2025, achieving a cost of 80 €/MWh and below.


AWEA is expecting 10% wind power by 2020

Wind energy is being used more and more for electricty production in the United States. (Source: AWEA)

Wind energy is growing faster than any other type of energy generation in the USA. The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) is clearly proud of the results achieved over the last five years: There was an installed capacity of almost 74 GW at the end of 2015. This is more than twice as much as there was five years ago.


Adwen obtains type certificate for new offshore wind turbine

The new AD 5-132 turbine by Adwen is designed for harsh environmental conditions. (Photo: Adwen)

Monsoon, typhoon or high temperatures and humidity – no problem for their offshore wind turbine AD 5-132, Adwen assures. Now the 5 MW turbine has received the type certification by the independent certification body DNV GL.


Turbine installation completed at Gode Wind 1 + 2 Offshore Wind Farm

The last wind turbine belonging to the major offshore project Gode Wind 1 and 2 has been installed. All 97 Siemens turbines, each with an output of 6 MW, are now installed and ready. (Photo: Dong Energy)

DONG Energy and A2SEA’s Sea Challenger have completed the installation of 97 Siemens 6-MW turbines at Gode Wind 1 and 2 offshore wind farm in the German part of the North Sea.


TenneT issues bond for offshore projects

The transformer platform for DolWin 2 on its way to being installed.(Photo: TenneT)

The transmission grid operator TenneT has issued a bond of 500 million euros. According to the company, the Green Schuldschein will secure the financing for three offshore grid connections.


Offshore wind farm Nordsee Ost has generated 1,000 GWh of electricity

The offshore wind farm Nordsee Ost has achieved the planned output of 1,000 GWh of electricity during its first year of operation. (Photo: RWE)

Since its launch in spring 2015, the offshore wind farm Nordsee Ost has fed one million megawatt hours of electricity into the power grid. This means the wind farm has achieved its planned annual yield of 1,000 GWh.


Gamesa presents off-grid power supply

Gamesa prototype off-grid system that combines wind energy, photovoltaics, diesel generators and a battery. (Photo: Gamesa)

The Spanish wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa has unveiled the prototype of a new off-grid system. The system, which has a capacity of two megawatts, can supply energy using four different sources. Gamesa is hoping to gain an advantage through this, especially in developing countries.


Construction work begins on offshore wind farm Nordergründe

The submarine cable is pulled ashore from the cable-laying vessel using a jetting sled. (Photo: TenneT)

The first monopile has been driven: Construction work on the wind farm Nordergründe in the North Sea began yesterday. Underwater cable-laying work is now also underway.