Brussels: Decision for punitive tariffs announced

The EU Commission imposed the expected punitive tariffs on Chinese modules on Tuesday. As various media reported, the tariffs will initially be set at 11.8 %, to allow room for negotiation. Previously, significantly higher amounts had been on the table. The tariffs will be increased to an average of 47.8% on 6 August if no solution is negotiated by then.

ISOFOTON modules and cells certified as European-made by LCIE Bureau Veritas

Madrid - ISOFOTÓN, world leader in solar technology, announced that LCIE Bureau Veritas, an organization accredited by COFRAC (the French board of Accreditation), audited ISOFOTON’s cell and module production lines in May to certify that ISOFOTON’s solar products are fully European-made.

Phoenix Solar builds a 38.6 MW plant in Georgia, USA

The U.S. subsidiary of Phoenix Solar AG has announced that it has signed a contract for a 38.6 MW solar park in the state of Georgia. Phoenix Solar will be partnering with Silicon Ranch Corporation for the project, which is the largest in the history of Phoenix Solar. The two companies have collaborated on other projects in the past.

EU publishes details on the trade dispute over Chinese PV modules

After the European Commission and the Member States agreed to an amicable solution concerning punitive tariffs on Chinese solar modules last Friday, the Commission has now published the Regulation on the implementation of the agreement.

PV Cycle establishes German subsidiary

Modules are subject to the WEEE Directive in Europe. (Photo: PV Cycle)

The European recycling association PV Cycle has announced the establishment of a German subsidiary. PV Cycle Deutschland GmbH will have its headquarters in Munich and will be responsible for all activities related to the collection and recycling of decommissioned solar modules.

Public tender in Peru: electrification rate to be increased with PV systems

Grafic: S&WE

In Peru, 15% of people currently live without electricity. The Peruvian government is aiming to increase the electrification rate to 95% by 2016 with its "National Photovoltaic Household Electrification Programme". To achieve this, it is advertising for bids for the installation of 150,000 photovoltaic systems in remote areas of the country.

Wed, 26/04/2017 - 10:37

IEA PVPS published its new Snapshot report on Tuesday, 18 April 2017. This serves as a preliminary assessment prior to the PVPS Trends Report that will be published in Q3 2017. This report provides estimated data about photovoltaic (PV) capacity in the countries reporting to the IEA PVPS Programme and additional key markets. At least 303 GW of PV are now installed worldwide, while in 2016, 75 GW of PV were installed globally.