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Next step towards mass market for the Magic Thermodynamic Box

The Little Magic Box for Domestic Hot Water. A Central Heating version is also available. (Photo: Magic Thermodynamic Box Ltd.)

The British manufacturer of a solar thermal/heat pump hybrid system Magic Thermodynamic Box ltd. took a major step to the mainstream market: The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), which is the British governing body for renewable energy products, accepted a new category for “Solar assisted Heat Pumps”. This is mandatory to receive government subsidies.


Plastic collector for 25 euros hardly lowers the cost of solar thermal systems

Plastic collector on a extrusion basis (1), extruded part of an absorber for flexible collector widths (2), end cap for plastic collectors (3). (Photo: Franhofer ISE)

As part of the ExKoll project, scientists at the German Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Fraunhofer ISE) have calculated that collectors made of extruded polypropylene (PP) can be manufactured for 25 €. An 80 x 160 cm collector with a back panel made of several double-walled plastic sheets served as a model.


Sonder Regulación releases new Wifi datalogger

The Wifi datalogger SonderSponge makes it possible to monitor a solar plant from the distance. (Photo: Sonder Regulación)

Sonder Regulación S.A released its new SonderSponge Wifi datalogger. The special solar datalogger has two inputs for temperature sensors and an input for pulse counter for litres.


Seitron expands Elios solar controller series

The Elios Basic is the smallest of the 11 models in the Elios series by Seitron. (photo: Seitron SpA)

The Italian solar controller manufacturer Seitron SpA now expands its Elios series to 11 models.


New drain-back box by STI

The Solbox is suitable for solar heating systems ranging from small drinking water systems to large heating support systems. (Photo: STI)

STI Solar-Technologie-International presenting its new Solbox at this year’s ISH in Frankfurt. It is a ­compact unit consisting of a fill valve, safety valve, pressure gauge, HE pump, expansion tank, venting unit, and controller.


Sorel solar controllers with new cooling function

The system controller XHCC can not only regulate a heating system but also air conditioning.  (Photo: Sorel)

Solar controller manufacturer Sorel has expanded its weather compensating system controller XHCC to ­include a cooling function, making it a ­comprehensive air-conditioning control system. The new cooling function is designed for surface heating systems, such as floor or wall heating systems, as well as ­simple air conditioning systems.