Solar Thermal

Chromagen completes supply for large-scale project in Ecuador

Israeli solar company Chromagen won a large-scale social housing project in Ecuador, which entails nearly 2,700 solar systems in its first stage. This project is part of a governmental initiative to reduce electricity consumption and to support Ecuador’s conversion to solar water systems.

Joint Venture between Alanod and Xxentria

The German coating company Alanod and Xxentria Technology Materials Company from Taiwan have started a joint venture. Based in Taiwan, the new company was founded on 1st January this year under the name Alanod-Xxentria Technology Materials.

Austria's large plant subsidisation goes into the fourth round


In Austria, the fourth tender for large-scale solar installations has begun. Between the end of April and the end of September, applications for the subsidisation of demonstration plants of large solar thermal plants can be submitted to the Austrian Climate Fund.

Russian solar thermal energy industry on verge of big changes

Solar systems in Sibiria

The Russian solar thermal industry is on the verge of big changes. Despite the massive protests of local oil and gas lobbyists, the national government has approved a set of measures aimed at supporting it.