Wind Energy

Moog supplies blade test system

Hub under construction. The size is showing the capacity of the facility. (Photo: Moog)

Moog Industrial Group has been awarded a contract to supply a test system to Narec (National Renewable Energy Centre) to evaluate and test wind turbine blades at their new 100 m blade testing facility in Blyth, UK. Opening this summer, the independent facility will be utilized by manufacturers of turbine blades to test prototype blade designs and manufacturing processes.

Monitoring for China

The German company 8.2 Monitoring GmbH has received an order from the Chinese manufacturer Zhejiang Windey to equip 66 1.5 MW class wind turbines with condition monitoring systems (CMS). According to the company, 8.2 won the order against competition from two local firms and one international vendor.

Swedish Energy Agency invests in carbon credits from SoWiTec´s Uruguayan wind farm Minas I.

Stockholm - The Swedish Energy Agency and SoWiTec have signed an agreement on 600,000 CERs generated by the wind farm Minas I, located outside the town of Minas in southeastern Uruguay.

US wind industry shedding jobs

Many workers have lost their jobs at Clipper Windpower in Cedar Rapids. (Photo: Clipper Windpower)

The programmed end of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) is taking its toll on the American wind energy industry. On 20th August Clipper Windpower confirmed that it will reduce its staff by 32 % from 550 to 376 employees. Most of the affected jobs are at its Cedar Rapids, Iowa, location.

First power from Anholt offshore wind farm

With the assembling of the third rotor blade, the first turbine of Anholt offshore wind farm was erected. (Photo: Dong)

On September 3 the first wind turbine of Anholt offshore wind farm was installed, less than three weeks later it fed power into the Danish grid for the first time, as the operator Dong Energy informed. Apart from Dong, PensionDanmark and PKA have shares in the wind farm.

GE Accelerates Wind Services Response Time at Mississippi Wind Turbine Logistics Center

Olive Brance - GE (NYSE: GE) today hosted a celebration to mark the first anniversary of its central logistics center for renewable energy components in Olive Branch, Miss. The facility distributes replacement wind turbine parts and solar technology components globally, including to renewable energy sites in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

GL Renewables Certification Certifies Wind-Turbine Gearbox Design by Chongqing Wangjiang Industrial

Chongqing / Hamburg - A growing number of manufactures are realising that the certification of individual wind turbine components is as important as that of the complete wind turbine.

OutSmart opens office in France

 OutSmart now has offices in the Netherlands, Germany, and France. (Photo: OutSmart)

OutSmart, a Dutch service provider for on- and offshore wind projects, is opening its first French office in Paris in November of this year. After the Netherlands and Germany, France is the third country where OutSmart will settle. "The reason we chose Paris, is that we want to bring our knowledge to the developing French wind market.

Small wind is growing in Italy

Small wind is booming in Italy. (Photo: Ropatec)

The installation of small wind turbines is growing rapidly in Italy since the introduction of feed-in tariffs, according to a report by the Department of Engineering at Milan's Polytechnical University (Politecnico di Milano Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale).

EWEA finds successor to Kjaer

Christian Kjaer, Thomas Becker and Klaus Rave (Foto: EWEA)

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) has found a new head; from 1st April 2013, Thomas Becker is taking over the post previously held by Christian Kjaer. Becker has been head of Genan, an internationally active used tyre recycling company, since 2010. Before that he was a state secretary at the Danish Ministry for Climate and Energy.