Wind Energy

Vestas sells its machining and casting units to VTC

The German industrial group VTC Partners GmbH will acquire Vestas’ two machining units and four casting units, including approx. 1,000 employees. The factories are based in Norway, Sweden, Germany, China and Denmark.

Honduras home to Central America's largest wind farm

<b>The wind farm “Cerro de Hula” – shown during the construction phase – meanwhile has been completed and connected to the grid.</b> <i>Photo: Globeleq</i><br>

Honduran President Porfirio Lobo inaugurated “Cerro de Hula”, Central America's largest wind farm, which has an installed capacity of 102 MW, in late February. Built by Gamesa and Iberdrola Engineering and outfitted with 51 of Gamesa's G87-2.0 MW turbines, the site will boost Honduras' installed wind capacity by 7 %.

Gamesa opens blade factory in India

<b>The new Gamesa facility in India has already produced a first blade for the G5X-850 kW turbine.</b><br><br><i>Photo: Gamesa</i><br>

With a manufacturing capacity of 390 units in 2013, the new factory will produce blades for Gamesa turbine systems G5X-850 kW and G9X-2.0 MW. The plant in the south-west of the country is currently staffed by 157 employees.

Sweden's biggest wind turbine is under construction in Gothenburg harbour

<b> Offshore wind turbine erected onshore: GE is putting up its first 4.1-113 turbine in Gothenburg harbour. </b><br><i>Graphic:</i><br><br>

The turbine of the type 4.1-113, which is actually designed as an offshore turbine, has a rating of 4.1 MW and is being erected onshore in Risholmsvägen.

REpower to supply 68 turbines to Pennsylvania

REpower MM92 type turbines are destined for the Twin Ridges wind project in Somerset County. It will be REpower’s first project in Pennsylvania. After its completion, the wind farm will generate a total output of nearly 140 MW. REpower’s MM92 turbines have a rated power of 2.05 MW and a hub height of either 80 or 100 metres each. The project will be a mixture of both hub heights.

Renewables in the UK reach record high

The report attributes the 50 % rise to higher wind speeds and the industry’s increased capacity to generate clean electricity. Nearly half the renewable electricity produced in this period came from wind (46.4 %).

GE builds its first wind farm in Australia

The Mumbida Windpark with 22 turbines of the type 2.5-100 is being realized by a syndicate consisting of GE and the Australian company Leighton Contractors for AUS$ 130 million. This project is owned by a joint venture consisting of Verve Energy, a government utility company based in Western Australia, and Macquarie Capital.

Takeover carousel keeps turning

GE has said that it is taking over a 90% share in the French company Converteam. The coup will take place in the third quarter and has a value of US$ 3.2 billion. A complete takeover will follow in 2 to 5 years.

Pushing the limit

<b>The geometry of the new rotor blade has already been validated in LMs wind tunnel.</b><br><i>Photo: Alstom</i><br>

The production of the blades in LM's factory in Lunderskov, Denmark will be part of a strategic partnership. As soon as next winter, Alstom prototypes at various European locations will be equipped with the blades and tested. According to the company, the development of the blade will require more than 20,000 hours of work.

Scotland: £70 million for offshore wind energy

This was announced by the Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond at the annual conference of the wind and ocean energy industry "Renewable UK 2010" in Glasgow.