Air collector in all colours

Visually appealing: the new air collector from SolAir is available in all colours. (Photo: Jens-Peter Meyer)
Visually appealing: the new air collector from SolAir is available in all colours. (Photo: Jens-Peter Meyer)

SolAir d.o.o. from Slovenia is introducing a new air-only collector. Its special feature: the company has developed a new absorber coating that is available in different colours. The darker the colour, the better the absorption. But the lighter colours are only a few percentage points less effective.

SolAir manufactures the air collector in three models. Sunspot is the smallest model with 800 W of thermal power and a surface area of 0.7 m2. Depending on the version, Rainbow achieves 1500, 1800 or 2100 W of thermal power. Both versions can be equipped with a PV module to power the fans. The fans can either draw in cold air from the outside or warm the interior air in recirculation mode. Sunlight can be used to cover facades with heights up to 4.5 m and any width. The absorber consists of aluminium slats. Sunlight and Rainbow both have a double-walled aluminium frame, and Sunspot uses a simple aluminium profile. The rear side consists of a galvanised steel plate and the front of the collector is sealed with a 4-mm glass plate. The 10-mm plastic insulation can withstand temperatures up to 120 °C. SolAir states that the maximum temperature of all three air collector models is 90 °C.

Jens-Peter Meyer

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