The Nordex Group is negotiating with Acciona Energia in Chile

Nordex turbines may soon be installed at a wind farm in Chile that Acciona Energia has won the contract to build. (Photo: Nordex SE)
Nordex turbines may soon be installed at a wind farm in Chile that Acciona Energia has won the contract to build. (Photo: Nordex SE)

The Nordex Group has confirmed that negotiations are currently being held with Acciona Energia to deliver turbines for a 183-MW wind farm in Chile.

The project developer Acciona Energia has been awarded a contract to supply 500 GWh of electricity from renewable sources annually in the last round of the tendering process on the Chilean energy market. The company is planning to build a wind farm in the region of La Arauncania that will have a capacity of 183 MW. Acciona Energia is negotiating with the Nordex Group as a turbine supplier for this wind farm.

The project is expected to begin feeding electricity into Chile's power grid no later than early 2022. The start of construction and other details still depend on the outcome of the ongoing negotiations.

The wind energy industry in Chile is expecting an average annual expansion of wind turbines with a capacity of 350 MW by 2025. During the latest round of tenders, a total of 12,430 GWh of electricity were awarded for the period 2022 to 2042. This amount of energy will cover approximately 30% of the demand expected for 2021 in Chile.

Acciona Energia has already been awarded a contract for 600 GWh of electricity per year in the tender round for the period 2018 to 2032.

Once the remaining supply contracts are signed and project financing has been secured, Nordex will publish further information. Other developers who have worked with Nordex have won contracts for projects totalling 1 GW power for the period 2022 to 2042.

Nordex SE / Tanja Peschel

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